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I love you, Taiwan!!!!

Today was the second part of my interview. Firstly, Adnan and I went with members of our host families to the paper making factory here in Puli, where they showed us how different types of paper are made, especially the ones used in calligraphy. We then made our own paper which was no easy task. After making three sheets of our own paper we dried them and then decorated them with leaves and flowers. Then, we each had to imprint designs on them. (The film crew is filming all of this). So we each decided to print three designs. Afterwards they took us to another part of the paper mill where they have paper that can be eaten, so we decided to go with the spicy one.haha.

After leaving the calligraphy workshop we came back home and the film crew filmed me cooking a Taiwanese dish. After lunch, Adnan and I passed out for about 2 hours and then we went to a tea factory. At the tea factory we used our hands to dry the tea and to grind it, then we went into the teashop to try various teas. We had iced-cold emerald, lemon tea; jade black tea and ruby tea.

Afterwards, we came back outside and we got to paint our tea cans..haha.

I then had an interview in which they asked me about my time in Taiwan and what I shall miss the most. I shall really miss this place.

Next, we went to Puli City Center at where there was the drumming concert and Adnan and I were in the band. We participated for a few hundred people and it was amazing. Such a great Day!!!

Tomorrow is my last day in Puli. On Monday, I shall be off to Jinmen.

What did we do today?????

So today we went to the amusement park and Formosa Cultural Village near Puli in Nantou County. We picked up Miroslav on the way and we sang to Michael Jackon and 80’s music all the way there. We started jumping in the car and got it shaking..haha. At the amusement park, we first went on the Pirate Ship ride in which the ship swings up and down. We video-taped ourselves screaming..haha. What a blast. Next we went to the Space Walk roller coaster which goes in the dark. Afterwards, we joined the kids in the tea-cup ride..haha. Then we went to the smaller water ride in which we got a little wet, but decided that we would splash each other like little kids until we were completely soaked. We came out of the tunnel soaking wet, and people changed their minds about the ride..haha.

After lunch we went to the arcade to play a few games, then to 2 3-D movies which were quite fun. Next we went to the Mayan roller coaster ride which was by far one of the best. It flipped around and upside down..whooo!!!!!. Next we went to the UFO drop which we decided to do 3 times..haha, then to the cable car, followed by the big water ride in which the guys decided to take our shirts off..haha.

To end the night, Adnan and I went drumming. What a night!!!!. I shall miss this.

The four piglets go to Xitou Forest

Today we went to Xitou Forest to hike through the rainforest. William, Miroslav, Adnan and myself accompanied Chiayi Lin, her parents and Tian. We arrived at the forest at approximately 11AM and then proceeded our walk up one of the trails. Was quite a fun day filled with pictures, shenanigans and great food. We started our walk through the trails and ran into a group of children. I tagged along and pretended I was their classmate, and that I have always been..haha. We then came upon a rope bridge suspended about 10 feet above the ground and started to run along and bounce on it, only then to realize that there were two men sleeping on the other side..haha.

Next we came upon a small waterfall and dunked ourselves in it, after which we hiked towards the largest tree in the area, and took pictures there. Then we went walking back down, and came upon an obstacle course. We played soldier..haha.

Dinner was great, but good to be back at the house and go on my usual walks with younger sister.

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